Crimes of Endangering National Security of China

Pelosi, the speaker of US house of representative, visited Taiwan on Aug 2nd, 2022, which provoked Chinese people’s hate. China government declared that it’s a serious harm to the national sovereignty and security.

Pelsosi visited Taiwan, China
Saying there is explicit legal provisions for China government to impose criminal liability. As per Article 102 of criminal law of China, Whoever colludes with foreign states in plotting to harm the motherland’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and security is to be sentenced to life imprisonment or not less than ten years of fixed-term imprisonment.Whoever commits the crimes in the preceding paragraph in collusion with institutions, organization, or individuals outside the country shall be punished according to the stipulations in the preceding paragraph.
China is trying to have it’s firm position on punishing who is trying to break the policy of “one China”. Recently a military demonstration is taken place in the nearby place of the sea around Taiwan.

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