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To review a contract: mind the contracting party.

Contract review: mind the contracting party.
Reviewing contract is the second time I have composed this year , because I, as a lawyer, recognize that it is of most importance to verify parties who are literally involved in a contract, whereas most contracting parties tend to ignore it, even for the legal occupant. Continue reading

Termination Agreement on Construction Project for Quality Problems

关于甲方与乙方之间表面处理车间地面修复施工(Repair the floor of the ST phaseⅡ-表面车间环氧砂浆表面涂刷)一事,因质量问题,XXX年1月15日双方签订了《终止合作协议》,对施工工程进行了最终结算,并终结了双方的权利义务。 Continue reading

Claim back the money frauded by a Tianjin based company – Bulletin

Lawyer of Tianjin is handling a collective case regading the refund of victim’s money by Nankai Disctrict Court of Tianjin, China. Some of the victims can not be reached. So infomraiton is shared:

To who it may concern:

A law court in Tianjin of China is announcing that it’s time for some of the victims in a scam case to claim for their compensation immediately.

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Bank Gurantee

In international project, what may be caused if the wording for a bank guarantee is incorrect?


In the international project, there may be much difference in aspects of geography, culture, language and legal environment. The Principals, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and other participants tend to obtain some surety from third party, usually the bank to secure the relevant party’s fulfillment. Bank guarantee is generally regarded as one of the most importance. Continue reading