Retain a Lawyer in China

What does it mean to retain a lawyer in China?

To retain a lawyer in China means that you or your company have a lawyer at hand to take care of the legal aspect of your business in China or relating to China.If you’re making deals with Chinese, you may need to call your lawyer in China to help you control or eliminate the risk. If you’re facing you a dispute with Chinese, you may want to trust a lawyer to file legal actions to protect your legal right. If you need to invest in China, you may be looking for a lawyer for consulation to make sure your investment is in compliance with laws of China.By retaining a lawyer in China, you’ll be keeping a closer eye on the changing of rules and legal practice of China than ever before.

How may you retain a lawyer in China?

Here are experienced lawyers, located at Tianjin: one of the biggest cities of mainland China, fully qualified and competent to provide various legal service and take care of your legal issues in China or relating to China.

Should you need any support on lawsuits or legal risk control, whatever it’s about general contract law, international trade law, Construction law, investment law, general civil dispute, or criminal defense,and etc. China Attorney at law may help you for the legal problems you’re struggling with.
To have a lawyer work on your case in China, the first is to look for a right lawyer and make an agreement over the case, specifying the scope of work, and then, by giving a legalized power of attorney, a China attorney would be retained to represent you in China to care for your legal case.

For the corporations having regular business with China, it’s better to retain a lawyer on a yearly basis, in which case they pay an annual fee to the lawyer in order to reach a lawyer timely and keep a long-term cooperation, geting the latest updates of relevant China laws.

Categories of our legal service relating to China

Here below is a list of our typical legal services, provided to our clients from time to time:

    • Regular legal counsel
    • Professional represenation for lawsuit or litigation
    • Criminal defense attorney
    • Attorney for you to participate an international arbitration
    • Risk control, especially in mattters of contract or corporate issues
    • Legal notice
    • Legal due diligence for cases or corporation in mainland China
    • Legal document review, including contracts and corporate regulations and etc.
    • legal advice
    • legal asssitance in Initial Public Offering
    • Legal reviews for equity transfer
    • lawyer support for incorporation
    • Any other legal action under the laws of China

Primary scope of our legal service by lawyers in China

herebelow is some of these legal service that  our lawyers  in China are providing now and then:

    • Lawyer service for international Sales and/or purchase relating to China
    • Lawyer service relating to general contracts
    • Lawyer service for corporate disputes
    • Lawyer service for maritime lawsuit
    • Lawyer service for general civil cases,such as marriage, heritance, tort and so on.
    • Lawyer service in relation to employment disputes with companies registered in Tianjin, China
    • Lawyer service for lawsuit on intellectual property,including trademark and copyright
    • Criminal defense, especially for cases of commercial cirme
    • Lawyer service for administrative litigation
    • Legal Service for any dispute arising between parties with equal positions.
    • Retained Legal counsel for companies relating to China, usually on a yearly basis
    • Any other legal service typically provided by a lawyer in China

Assuring you always of our best attention and services.

Any legal issue arising in China or relating to China,especially Tianjin?

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