Retain a Lawyer in China

Here are experienced lawyers, based on Tianjin City of China, qualified to provide advice on a full range of legal issues.

Should you need any assistance in lawsuits or risk control, whatever it’s about international trade law, Construction law, investment law, or general civil case, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here below is a list of our typical services, frequently provided to our clients:

  • Outside legal consultant
  • Lawsuit represenation
  • Criminal defense lawyer service
  • Arbitration representation
  • Risk control
  • Legal notice
  • Due diligence
  • legal advice
  • lawyer service in IPO
  • Lawyer Service in equity transfer
  • lawyer service of incorporation

Primary scope of service which clients has consulted with us from time to time:

  • Lawyer Service of International trade
  • Lawyer Service of General contracts
  • Lawyer Service of Corporate disputes
  • Lawyer Service of Marine Disputes
  • Lawyer Service of General civil cases,(marriage, heritance, tort and etc.)
  • Lawyer Service of Employment disputes
  • Lawyer Service of Intellectual property
  • Lawyer Service of Criminal cases
  • Lawyer Service of Administrative Litigation
  • Legal Service for Other disputes arising between the parties with equivalent positions.
  • Legal Counsel for companies relating to China

Assuring you always of our best attention and services.

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