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Claim back the money frauded by a Tianjin based company – Bulletin

Lawyer of Tianjin is handling a collective case regading the refund of victim’s money by Nankai Disctrict Court of Tianjin, China. Some of the victims can not be reached. So infomraiton is shared:

To who it may concern:

A law court in Tianjin of China is announcing that it’s time for some of the victims in a scam case to claim for their compensation immediately.

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Blockchain application in the judicial field

The blockchain has been increasingly important in the industries. However, it was not popular to be used in the litigation proceedings in China in the past. Recently China supreme court released a new opinion regarding the blockchain application in the judcial field, by which the blockchain technology may be promoted. Here Lawyer Wang will study this opinion by China’s supreme court on blockchain, and share it with you. Continue reading

Today is the last day of 2022, and tomorrow will be the first day of 2023, let’s have a break and enjoy the coming of new year.

wish you a happy new year from Tianjin Bozhuan Law Frim, China

Happy New Year

Traditionally, China New Year is different from the western new year. China new year is based on the lunar calendar, while the western new year is based on the solar calendar. Modern Chinese celebrate the western new year’s day as “Yuandan”, and they’re more keen to the traditional Chinese new year, when they usually go back to their hometown to reunite with their families and visit relatives.

Our lawyer’s office will be on holidy from Jan. 1sth to Jan 3rd, for celebrating the solar new year.

The new regulation concerning the hierarchical jurisdiction over foreign-related civil&commercial cases

On Nov.14th, 2022, the China supreme court issued a new regulation concerning the hierachical jurisdiction over foreign related disputes which shall be take effect from Jan. 1st, 2023. Let’s take a look at it: Continue reading


2022年最高法公布的《关于涉外民商事案件管辖若干问题的规定》将于2023年1月1日施行,该解释规定了涉外民商事案件一审管辖问题,相比原来的规定,扩大了基层人民法院审理涉外民商事案件的范围,今后大量的涉外民商事案件将由一审法院管辖, Continue reading

Our law firm was listed as a recommended estate administrator

What is estate administrator under laws of China

Estate Administrator is the executor of testament after inheritance begins; in the event of no testament, heirs should choose a heir timely and in case of no selection, all heirs together should be the esate administrator; in case of no heir or all heirs give up the rights, the community commission or the civil administration department of government where the deceased resided should be the administrator of the decedent’s estate. Continue reading