Why we do it

Rules in the People’s Republic of China are complicated. If you’re not familiar with the laws and regulations of China,  you may face legal problems when investing, working or living in China. We’re lawyers trying to help foreigners who are doing business with China, living in China or has any other relation with China, in order to assist them to have a better undersanding the China legal system and legal practice. Thereon, they may be able to follow China rules while guarding their rights and benefits taking advantage of laws.

What we do

This website is developed by lawyers based on Tianjin of China, trying to bring laws of China to be recognized by the people around world who have businesses relating to China, with a particular concern on the regulations, decrees, statutes, orders and etc. that’s applicable in Tianjin of China.
Furthermore, we’re not to discuss laws in an academic view, what we’ll be focused on is the prevailing legal practice in China.

Who we are

We’re attorneys at law, mostly are consistuent by the lawyers of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm. with Mr.Jingzhan Wang  as the leading lawyer.
Mr.Jingzhan Wang  graduated from Tianjin University of Commerce , and had ever worked with a district law court from 2005 to 2007 in west of China, then he started his lawyer’s career from March,2008. Since then he had been practising laws as the law firm.He had handled loads of case of different nature, whether lawsuit or non-lawsuit. Nowadays he is particularly concerned with the cases in relation to the expats or foreign investment or companies in Tianjin of China.

Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm is an oustanding legal enterprise based on Tianjin of China, one of the biggest metropolises. It was approved by the Ministry of Justice of China in 2007, with practice covering from general civil and commercial cases to international criminal case and administrative litigation.

What’s our advantage?

Our lawyers are energetic and vigorous , mostly at the age from 35 to 45, the golden time for practising lawyers.

Our lawyers are experienced, even though our lawyers are relatively young. All of them has been practising laws for more than five years, with a majority of them of more than ten years.

Our lawyers are knowlegable and has a sound acamedic background. Most are graduated from reputable law schools and hold law degrees of master.

Our lawyers are professional and expert. Each lawyer has his/her own speciality. Some are good at disputes for construction projects, some are skilled at business litigation, some are concerned on securities lawsuit, some are focused on corporate laws, some are experted at family and divorce disputes…..

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