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Our law firm was listed as a recommended estate administrator

What is estate administrator under laws of China

Estate Administrator is the executor of testament after inheritance begins; in the event of no testament, heirs should choose a heir timely and in case of no selection, all heirs together should be the esate administrator; in case of no heir or all heirs give up the rights, the community commission or the civil administration department of government where the deceased resided should be the administrator of the decedent’s estate. Continue reading

Forum Selection Clause for Agreement relating to China

What’s forum selection clause

A forum selection clause for agreement relating to China, is a cause agreed by parties in an agreement to decide the jurisdictional court for disputes arising between parties if the execution of a business contract relating to China. Continue reading

海事海商法律案例:天使力量”(Angelic Power)轮船员劳务合同纠纷系列案

【基本案情】“天使力量”轮的船舶所有人为利比里亚天使动力投资公司(Angeliki Dynamis Investment Corporation),登记的船籍港为希腊比雷埃夫斯,船舶管理人为泛大洋海事公司(Panthalassa Maritime Corporation)。 Continue reading



程远公司受华锐公司的委托自大连至汕头港运输岸桥、滚装工具等。程远公司将上述货物装载于烟台打捞局所有的“德浮15002”驳船,并期租了轮驳公司所有的“津港轮35”轮拖带“德浮15002”驳船。 Continue reading

Advice on control of legal risks for doing business internationally

As more and more companies going abroad to do business or make a cross-border deal, control of international legal risks are becoming increasingly important. As a lawyer, I have to say that indeed there are a few international dealers cheated or scammed due to lack of risk awareness, even though most of international businesses would be a good experience. Continue reading