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Forum Selection Clause for Agreement relating to China

What’s forum selection clause

A forum selection clause for agreement relating to China, is a cause agreed by parties in an agreement to decide the jurisdictional court for disputes arising between parties if the execution of a business contract relating to China. Continue reading

Court fees for a litigation in Tianjin of China

Court fees for a litigation in Tianjin of China are mainly dependent on the nature of the case and the value of the case.Different cases may be charged differently, let’s take a look at the cases of property. The cases of property here refer to the cases in which the claim is about money or having a monetary value. As per the Supreme Court‘s measures on litigation charges, the accetptance fees for a civil or commercial case shall be calculated by the value that’s claimed. Continue reading

Lawyer fee in China

Lawyer Fee in China

Lawyer fee in China is one of the most concern when we need to retain a lawyer in China, we means the most popular lawyer fees calculated by a law firm or lawyer in China to take a case or other legal service . Lawyer fees also are referred to be as attorney fees, legal service fees or legal counsel fees, and etc. Continue reading

Several legal questions over the sales/purchase contract in accordance with laws of China.

Some of the legal questions over the sales/purchase contract, regularly consulted, in accordance with laws of China.

  1. Question: is a written contract necessary for concluding a contractual relationship?

Answer by Lawyer Jingzhan.Wang: As per China legal practice, a contract may be made by oral or written, however, it’s better for you to make a contract by written, formally and duly signed by parties. Many disputes are raised where there is absence of formal contract. When there is lack of a formal contract, a party may raise delivery notes, receipt, settlement statement, invoices and etc, to prove the contractual relationship and rights and obligations. Continue reading

Advice on control of legal risks for doing business internationally

As more and more companies going abroad to do business or make a cross-border deal, control of international legal risks are becoming increasingly important. As a lawyer, I have to say that indeed there are a few international dealers cheated or scammed due to lack of risk awareness, even though most of international businesses would be a good experience. Continue reading