China Lawyers

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  • Lawyer Song Lihua

    Lawyer Song Lihua: Director of Tianjin Bo Law FirmAreas of expertise: construction engineering contracts and real estate legal affairs, corp… More>

  • Lawyer Hu Bochen

    Lawyer Hu Bochen, practicing lawyer of Tianjin Bo Law Firm. Member of the Communist Party of China, Master of Law, Secretary of the Party Br… More

    Lawyer Wang Jia

    He graduated from Hebei University with a major in law. He passed the national judicial examination with excellent results. He has solid leg… More>>

  • Lawyer Wang Ronggui

    Lawyer Wang Ronggui, deputy director, founding partner and contract business department of Tianjin Bo Law Firm, graduated from the Law Depar… More>>

  • Lawyer Wu Jiahui

    [Position] full-time lawyer, director of corporate affairs[Education Background] Tianjin University of Commerce Master of Civil and Commerci… More>>

  • Lawyer Yu Qian

    Yu Qian, female, member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from Tianjin University of Commerce and obtained a bachelor’s degree… More>>