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      Lawyer’s Profile -Jingzhan Wang

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      Title Name Acamedic degree Position
      Attorney-at-law Jingzhan Wang Master of Laws Deputy Director of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm

      Areas of Legal Expertise:

      • Contract Disputes of International Sales and Purchase. Lawsuits relating to incoterms such as FOB, CIF, DDP and etc,; Litigation arising from Bill of Lading and delivery; disputes under chartered agreement; Laws of Transportation; Arbitration or lawsuits arising from payment or quality issues
      • construction contracts and claims. Claim and counter-claim due to extension of time and/or engineering variation, Prolongation of project due to Force Majeure.
      • Maritime law. Vessel charter disputes, freight disputes, ship collisio, injuries and damage
      • equity transactions. Share Transfer, Lawyer assistance on Merger and Acquisitions
      • Lawyer service during tendering, biding and negotiation of contract
      • foreign-related intellectual property litigation and non-litigation business.
      • international fraud. Criminal proceedings arising from fraud, scam, and deception.
      • significant civil and commercial cases
      • disputes relating to local laws of Tianjin, China
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