To hire a lawyer to participate a lawsuit in China

With the fast economic development of Chna, many foreign companies or individuals are doing business with China. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable to have some disputes, and may file or participate a lawsuit in China. To engage a trustful, knowledgable and experienced lawyer is important to increase your chance to prevail in a legal proceeding.

Above all, you should appoint a lawyer of Chinese nationality to participate a lawsuit if you’re an individual or corporation residing outside of China, . Foreign lawyers,attorneys, advocate, or barrister and etc., who is not registered with China government, is not allowed to access a case in law courts of China.
When choosing a China lawyer, you should consider what kind of China lawyer do you need to hire. Theoretically, all the licensed lawyers may be able to represent you for a lawsuit. However, different cases have their own feathures, and different lawyers may be good at differenct disciplines. What you want, most probably, is a lawyer who is suitable for your case. You may ask a friend/relative to refer a lawyer to you, or you may search online for the right lawyer.When you think that you’ve found one that’s fit for your case, you need to have an appointment with the lawyer, and go to the lawyer’s office to have a front consulation with the lawyer (counsuting fees may be needed), to see if how he analyzes your case, and ask questions that you concern. When you think everything is ok to you and that’s the right lawyer you’re looking for. You need to ask about how much is the lawyer fees for your case.
Finally, don’t forget to conclude a written Agreement with the law firm/lawyer, which would define your rights and obligations. Any part of you may could resort to it in case of any discrepancy thereafter.
In addition, If you appoint a China lawyer when you’re still abroad and can’t come to the law office and sign the documents in presence of the lawyer, you should get the POA (power of attorney) nortarized by the Nortary Public and then have it authenticated by the China Embassy located in the relevant Country, according to the civil procedure law of China

If you have any more question about how to trust a lawyer in China to take care of your case, call the Lawyer Jingzhan.Wang from Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm to get an advice.

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