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【实务问题 1】 问:承发包双方签订的建设工程施工合同因违反招标投标法规定而无效,合同履行过程中双方达成的结算工程价款补充协议是否必然无效?

Tips on filing an incorporation in China

Choose a right name the first step to register a company is to choose a name for your company. A name is very important because it identify your company from others. To have an impressive name may be an advantage for you to do business.

Contract review: mind the contracting party.

In this article, the author particularly remind the bussiness man to bring their attention on the contracting party, including the text as well as the background investigation.

Sales contract, Civil Code of PRC

Sales contract is one of the most important legal documents we use in daily business, and settlement of disputes arising from sales contract is what people frequently look for. Hereblow, I extract the laws of sales contract as written in China Civil Code.: Article 595 A sales contract is a contract under which a seller […]

Tianjin lawyer

Tianjin lawyer or Tianjinese Lawyer is referred to as a licensed lawyer who is registered with the Justice Bureau of Tianjin, China. Tianjin, historically known as Tientsin, is on of the four metroplises (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing) directly controlled by the central government of China.


  案例: 被告李某某在2011年注册成立一电子科技公司,之后多次以投资该公司可获得高利息回报为由,向群众宣传并吸收公众存款。以该公司招聘的业务员通过电话、派宣传单等方式召集群众开会,声称因公司拓展需要资金,由群众自愿投资,投资回报率年息18-26%不等,向社会不特定人员进行宣传,以发送礼品、参加联谊会和免费考察旅游为诱饵,以签定借款协议的形式约定投资事项。

Contract Review: Parties to a contract

Originally posted on China Attorney-at-law:
Mind the signatories in reviewing a contract. Case: An energy company in US (Party A) entered into a sales contract with a Chinese energy company (Party B) on Nov.30th,2007, where the Party B signed the contract in the name of its subsidiary, HK limited company. In the contract, Party B…

Contract Review: Parties to a contract

when signing a contract, please be assure that the correspondent party is the one who negotiate on the contract with you and it’s the company who have the competence to take the responsiblity under the contract

Termination Agreement on Construction Project for Quality Problems

协议书 甲方:XXX(天津)有限公司 乙方:天津市XX工程有限公司 关于甲方与乙方之间表面处理车间地面修复施工(Repair the floor of the ST phaseⅡ-表面车间环氧砂浆表面涂刷)一事,因质量问题,XXX年1月15日双方签订了《终止合作协议》,对施工工程进行了最终结算,并终结了双方的权利义务。