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I am a lawyer based on Tianjin, China. Acting as the attorney-at-law in a litigation, I have something to notice the relevant parties in the case. Here below is a brief introduction about the case.
For some companies who had ever done business with Tianjin Yicai International Trading company and cheated, you’re reminded that:
Your case against Tianjin Yicai International Trading company’s controller in fact was filed in 2017 in Tianjin, China,and then went through court-hearing.
The law court, having jurisdiction over the case, made a judgement in favor of the victims in 2019.Now the case walks into the phase of enforcement. But some of the victims fail to get in contact.
In order to have all the victims able to participate the proceedings and recover what’s due to them, I remind the following company or individul to get in touch with me as soon as possible.
Hexgon from India ;
Gulf Organization from Qatar;
Eco Chemical from Panama;
Worldpacking from Korea;
Scanplast from Ukraine
Please reach me at my phone number:+86 13920701735 as soon as you get this notice.
What documents should you prepare:
1. Representation Agreement.
2 Power of Attorney (notarized and then authorized by China Embassy in Panama)
3. copy of company license
4. certificate of legal representative, which will be used to prove who is the company’s legal representative and his position.
5 legal representative’s ID or passport
In Spanish:
Su compania necesita preparar todo esto:
1. Acuerdo de representación.
2. Poder legal (notariado y luego autorizado por la Embajada de China en Panamá)
3. copia de la licencia de la empresa
4. certificado de representante legal
5. DNI o pasaporte del representante legal
In Chinese:

Tianjin lawyer

Tianjin lawyer is refrered to as a licensed lawyer who are registered with the Justice Bureau of Tianjin, China.

Tianjin, historically known as Tientsin, is on of the four metroplises (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing) directly controlled by the central government of China. It has more than ten millions of people, up to 2021. There are six districts for urban areas of Tianjin, which is Nankai District, Heping District, Hedong District, Hexi District, Hongqiao District, Hebei District. Most of Most of Tianjin law firms are located at Heping District, Nankai District and Hexi District. The suburban areas of Tianjin usually includes Binhai New District, Beichen District, Xiqing District, Dongli District, Jinnan District, among these district, there some lawyers and law firms, but much less than the urban areas.

With the development of Tianjin, Tianjin Lawyers are increasing, but not enough, compared to the city scale.





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Extortion crime & its punishment in China

what’s xxtortion?
When someone ilegally threat you to ask for something,usually it’s money or other property, by violence or other methods. It is deemed as extortion.
What is extortion crime?
The provision 274 of criminal law of China says: the one who extorts to obain public or priviate property,if the amount is comparatively big or mutiple times of extortion, shall be sentenced to imprisonment of less than three years, or criminal detention,or public surveillance, plus fine; in the circumstance that the amount is huge or of other severity,the sentence shall be above three and less than ten years, plus fine; in the circumstance that the amount is very huge or of other extreme severity, he shall be sentenced to imprisonment of more than ten years, plus fine.

How to dismiss an employee on basis of corruption according to China Law

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Contract Review: Parties to a contract

China Attorney_at_law

Mind the signatories in reviewing a contract.
An energy company in US (Party A) entered into a sales contract with a Chinese energy company (Party B) on Nov.30th,2007, where the Party B signed the contract in the name of its subsidiary, HK limited company.

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2016年5月法国戛纳电影节期间,案外人孙某以天津某电影集团有限公司(以下简称某电影集团)的名义与IM全球有限责任公司(注册地在美国,以下简称IM公司)协商引进电影版权事宜,并签署了《交易备忘录》, Continue reading