Legal_News_China From Feb.1st to Feb.8th,2023

China Legal update

  • On Feb.8th, 2023, an accident of vehicle collision happened in the road from Lanzhou urban to airport, causing more than 30 cars collided and some fired. It’s reported due to snow weather.
  • China disaster assistance team arrived Turkey in the early morning of Feb.8th,2023, to start the rescue, after the Turkey earthquake on Feb.6th.
  • The sixth China and Singapore Legal and Judicial Roundtable was closed on Feb.7th, 2023.
  • On Jan.17th,2023, the top ten cases of promoting the rule of law, co-hosted by CCTV and SPC, was disclosed whereby the case of restructuring UniGroup was rated.
  • China issued the Developing Guidline for Strengthing China by Quality, aiming to promote the overall quality level and elevating the influence of China brand.
  • On Feb 7th, 2023, China Customs signed a pact with their Macau counterparts, making them the first authorised economic operator, or known as AEO in short, in the SAR both sides recognise
  • Hu Xinyu who was a middle school student, disappeared on Oct.14th. Public attention was raised online  in the last several months, incurring some guess on how he disappeared. On Jan.28th, 2023, the dead body was found in a nearby forest. Work,  directed by associated teams of Public Security , was conducted on site-visit, inspection,forensic test and etc., disclosing that he was suicided.
  • China Mainland and HongKong fully reopened with no Covid-19 restrictions, including no quota for arrivals on either side from Feb.6th.

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