Lawyer fee in China

Lawyer Fee in China

Lawyer fee in China is one of the most concern when we need to retain a lawyer in China, we means the most popular lawyer fees calculated by a law firm or lawyer in China to take a case or other legal service . Lawyer fees also are referred to be as attorney fees, legal service fees or legal counsel fees, and etc.
How much may you cost to hire a lawyer in China?
Lawyer fees in China may be different from province to province. Generally, the government has cancelled most of the restrictions for charging lawyer fees, which means the lawyer fees are mostly dependant on the market of legal service. Below I take our law firm: Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm as an example to introduce the popular lawyer fees in China. Lawyer fees may vary from case to case and from lawyers to lawyers, however, it’s similar, more or less.

lawyer fee in China

Fixed attorney fees in China.

As per the instructions of national judicial ministry of China and national bar association of China, some of lawyer fees should be quoted by a lawyer or law firm, agreed by parties and defined in a client-attorney agreement  In the field of criminal defense, labor dispute, injury compensation, and family case, law firms and lawyers are encouraged to offer a fixed attorney fees.

Contingent attorney fees in China

For dispute of business affair, there isn’t  any restriction and fully dependant on parties’ agreement. Law firms/lawyers tend to charge fixed fees plus contingent fees for the case involving huge amount of fund. Fixed fees are charged at the initial stage of the case, it is the basic fees for the minimum reimbursement of the work the lawyer would do on the case. Contingent fees are usually paid at the close of the case or in a particular phase. For example, one of my client: a trading company from US is going to sue a steel company in Tianjin China, for breach of contract. We reached a client-attorney agreement in which the US company trusted me to take his case to court, and we agreed to that the lawyer fees should be dependent on the three stages: the pre-litigation stage, the filing stage, and the stage of enforcement of an award. For the last stage, we charge a 10% of the fund that is successfully recovered if we have to apply for court to take enforcement measures.

Hourly fees of legal service in China

For some non-litigation legal service, law firm & lawyers in China may charge fees by hour. The most popular is the hourly fees for legal advice. The hourly rate ranges from 200USD to 500USD for most of lawyers. For some companies who need a lawyer from time to time, I usually offer them a retainer agreement in which the company deposit some amount for future advance payment. In such case, I, as a lawyer, could give them legal assistance in time when they need a lawyer, and the lawyer fees could be calculated by the hourly rate agreed in advance. I’ll send the hours spent on the case and send client to confirmation.
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