Punishment of Marijuana Trafficking as per China laws

I, a lawyer, recently defended for a client who came from America and was accused of drug trafficking in China. I participated the Investigation Stage, Prosecution Stage and the Court Stage, Finally, the defendant was sentence to imprisonment of one year and two monthes, plus fine and confiscation of illegal income.

So hereby I want to remind the foreigners, in China or going to China, of the crimianl laws about marijuana. As per the criminal laws of China, the cannabis or marijuana is one of the illegal drugs and trafficking them would be breaking the laws. Following is stipulation of the punishment in a case involving drugs.
1. The person who takes drugs should be subject to administrative punishment: administrative detention and/or fine
2. the act of smuggling,trafficking,transporting or producing drugs shall be punished as a crime as per criminal laws, no matter how much it is.

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