lawyer;attorney-at-law;advocate;legal-counsel;solicitor and etc.


Lawyer refers to the professional who studies and/or practises laws, usually provides legal service and acts as an attorney in the legal proceedings such as lawsuit, litigation and etc. The word of lawyer is popularly used all the world. China lawyer refers to the legal professional who is qualified to practise laws as an attorney-at-law in the territory of China. Tianjin Lawyer means the lawyers who is registered his lawyer license in the bureau of Justice of Tianjin municipality and pratise laws based on Tianjin, China.
Attorney refers to a person who have the legal right to act for someone else.Attorney-at-law refers to a lawyer who is qualified to represent his client in a court of law. Attorney-at-law usually is usually written or spoken as attorney in short. Attorney or attorney-at-law often is used as an exchangable word of lawyer, especially in US.

Advocate: refers to a person who publicly support or recommend a particular cause or policy. In the context of lawsuit or litigation, an advocate refers to a pleader at a court of law or a lawyer.

solicitor: In the field of legal service, a solicitor usually refers to a legal profession who is qualified to deal with conveyancing, the drawing up wills and other legal matters.


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