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Contract Review: Parties to a contract

China Attorney-at-law

Mind the signatories in reviewing a contract.
An energy company in US (Party A) entered into a sales contract with a Chinese energy company (Party B) on Nov.30th,2007, where the Party B signed the contract in the name of its subsidiary, HK limited company.

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2016年5月法国戛纳电影节期间,案外人孙某以天津某电影集团有限公司(以下简称某电影集团)的名义与IM全球有限责任公司(注册地在美国,以下简称IM公司)协商引进电影版权事宜,并签署了《交易备忘录》, Continue reading

Termination Agreement on Construction Project for Quality Problems

关于甲方与乙方之间表面处理车间地面修复施工(Repair the floor of the ST phaseⅡ-表面车间环氧砂浆表面涂刷)一事,因质量问题,XXX年1月15日双方签订了《终止合作协议》,对施工工程进行了最终结算,并终结了双方的权利义务。 Continue reading