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An international Lawyer, based in China. (with phone nubmer: (+86)13920701735. Email: Providing full legal services for internaional coporations and individuals: international trade, international project, trans-regional finances, foreign investment, M&A, Marine disputes, trademark, copyright, trans-naitional crime, and etc. Our lawyers can speak both English and Chinese. We provide particular solutions for the risk that you concern.



【实务问题 1】

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To review a contract: mind the contracting party.

Contract review: mind the contracting party.
Reviewing contract is the second time I have composed this year , because I, as a lawyer, recognize that it is of most importance to verify parties who are literally involved in a contract, whereas most contracting parties tend to ignore it, even for the legal occupant. Continue reading

Sales contract, Civil Code of PRC

Sales contract is one of the most important legal documents we use in daily business, and settlement of disputes arising from sales contract is what people frequently look for. Hereblow, I extract the laws of sales contract as written in China Civil Code.:

Article 595 A sales contract is a contract under which a seller transfers his ownership over the subject matter to a buyer who pays the price in return. Continue reading

Rules for the Administration on Employment of Foreigners in China

Foreigners who work in China or will work in China should learn about this rules which stipulate:

  • work permit is a must for a foreigner legally working in China
  • foreigners have the similiar right and obligations with Chinese
  • disputes shall be handled according to the labor laws of China.

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