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An international Lawyer, based in China. (with phone nubmer: (+86)13920701735. Email: Providing full services for internaional coporations and individuals: international trade, international project, trans-regional finances, foreign investment, M&A, Marine disputes, trademark, copyright, trans-naitional crime, and etc. Our lawyers can speak both English and Chinese. We provide particular solutions for the risk that you concern.






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Provisions on Manning Foreign-flagged Ships by Chinese Seafarers of the People

Provisions on Manning Foreign-flagged Ships by Chinese Seafarers of the People
Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 In accordance with Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on Seafarers as well as laws and regulations related to overseas labor service, the Provisions are formulated to regulate the recruitment and placement service to Chinese seafarers serving onboard non-Chinese flagged ships, protect the lawful rights and interests of seafarers, and promote the sound development of the shipping industry. Continue reading

SPC published eight typical cases concerning the interests of crew members in maritime disputes

BEIJING — China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) has published eight typical cases concerning the interests of crew members in maritime disputes to encourage consistency in court rulings on such issues.

The cases published by the SPC cover various issues, including disputes over the employment contracts of crew members, maritime liens and personal injuries caused by ship collisions.

The SPC said that given the large proportion of crew member-related disputes in overall maritime cases, it is important to offer guidance to courts to ensure that similar cases get similar rulings.


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How to appoint a lawyer to file or participate a lawsuit in China

With the economic development of Chna, many foreign companies or individuals are doing business with China. Someties, it’s unavoidable to have some disputes, and may file or participate a lawsuit in China. To have a correct way to appoint a lawyer to protect your rights in China is important for you to win a case.
Firstly, according to China laws, when you appoint a lawyer to participate the lawsuit, you should trust a China lawyer to participate the legal proceedings. Foreign lawyers,attorneys, advocate, or barrister and etc. is not allowed to file or participate a lawsuit in the name of a lawyer.
Secondly, you should choose the right lawyer. Even though all the licensed lawyers are allowed to represent you in the lawsuit from legal point, it’s better for you to choose a proper lawyer that specialize in the areas of your case.When you find the right one, don’t forget to sign a formal Agreement with the law firm, which set out your rights and obligations
Thirdly, when you appointed a China lawyer from overseas, you should get the POA (power of attorney) nortarized by the Nortary Public and then have it authenticated by the China Embassy loactated in your Country.