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An international Lawyer, based in China. (with phone nubmer: (+86)13920701735. Email: Providing full services for internaional coporations and individuals: international trade, international project, trans-regional finances, foreign investment, M&A, Marine disputes, trademark, copyright, trans-naitional crime, and etc. Our lawyers can speak both English and Chinese. We provide particular solutions for the risk that you concern.


This is a lawyer based on Tianjin, China. I am acting as the attorney-at-law at a litigation. Here below is a brief introduction about the case.
some companies who had ever done business with Tianjin Yicai International Trading company and frauded should know that:
Your case against Tianjin Yicai International Trading company’s true owners had been filed in 2017 in Tianjin, China.
The law court had made a judgement in favor of the victims in 2019.Now the case came to the stagement of enforcement. But some of the victims can’t be reached.
In order to have all the victims able to recover their fund, I remind the following company or individul to contact me as soon as possible.
Hexgon from India ;
Gulf Organization from Qatar;
Eco Chemical from Panama;
Worldpacking from Korea;
Scanplast from Ukraine
Please reach me at my phone number:+86 13920701735 as soon as you get this notice.
What documents should you prepare:
1. Representation Agreement.
2 Power of Attorney (notarized and then authorized by China Embassy in Panama)
3. copy of company license
4. certificate of legal representative, which will be used to prove who is the company’s legal representative and his position.
5 legal representative’s ID or passport
In Spanish:
Su compania necesita preparar todo esto:
1. Acuerdo de representación.
2. Poder legal (notariado y luego autorizado por la Embajada de China en Panamá)
3. copia de la licencia de la empresa
4. certificado de representante legal
5. DNI o pasaporte del representante legal
In Chinese:

The latest judicial efforts of China Law-court in improving the business environment

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 2020年7月31日,天津市高级人民法院裁定依法受理天津物产集团有限公司(简称“物产集团”)司法重整案,物产集团改革重组迈出关键一步。这也标志着物产集团有望通过市场化、法治化手段,深入推进供给侧结构性改革与混合所有制改革。 Continue reading



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近年来,我国债券市场发展迅速,为服务实体经济发展和国家重点项目建设提供了有力的支持和保障。债券市场在平稳、有序、健康发展的同时,也出现了少数债券发行人因经营不善、盲目扩张、违规担保等原因而不能按期还本付息,以及欺诈发行、虚假陈述等违法违规事件,严重损害了债券持有人和债券投资者的合法权益。 Continue reading