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Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm

Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm

Lawyer’s Profile -Jingzhan Wang

Lawyer Jingzhan-Wang

Mr.Wang, a lawyer from China, phone: +86-13920701735

Areas of Legal Expertise:

  • Contract Disputes of Sale and Purchase.
    Disputes arising from incoterms such as FOB, CIF, DDP and etc,; Disputes arising from Bill of Lading or delivery to China; Disputes out of demurrage; Lawsuits caused by wrong transportation; Arbitration or lawsuits caused by undue payment or quality problems; and any other contract legal issues usually a lawyer in China may handle
  • construction contracts and claims.
    Claim and counterclaim arising from delay and/or engineering variation;suspension due to Force Majeure;construction insurance disputes;rental disputes during construction; disputes when procurement of materials
  • Maritime law.
    Vessel charter disputes, freight disputes, ship collision, injuries and damage,and other related legal service for conflict during marine transporation under China laws
  • equity transactions.
    Corporate Share Transfer; Lawyer service of Merger and Acquisition of companies in China; disputes among shareholders, and etc.
  • Legal service for business tendering, biding and/or negotiation of contract relating to China
  • foreign-related litigation and non-litigation service relating to China, especially at Tianjin.
  • international fraud. Criminal or civil proceedings in China may be initiated due to fraud, scam,cheat and deception in international trade.
  • any other civil or commercial cases which is important and significant, especially with relation to Tianjin, China

Lawyer’s Biography

Title Name Acamedic degree Position
Attorney-at-law Jingzhan Wang Master of Laws Deputy Director of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm,China

Lawyer Jingzhan.Wang’s Past Experiences:

Month Year Practising law with Description
2005.7-2007.7 A Grass-Root Law Court in western China
2018.3-2019.9 Tianjin Yifa Law Firm
2009.9-2017.5 Tianjin Blessing Law Firm 2013.8-2017.5 Legal advisor for a petroleum and gas project of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
2017.8- Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm 2017.4-207.8 working with BGP Marine, CNPC

The Lawyer Jingzhan-Wang’s Past Performance(including but not limited to):

  1. Outside Legal Counsel.
    He had provided external legal advisory services for various companies in China, such as XX Agricultural Technology Group of Tianjin, Tianjin XX Cable Company, XX Street administrative office of Hedong District of Tianjin, and XX Construction Company of Tianjin; Nowadays,Lawyer.Jingzhan.Wang is focused on cases of civil and commercial disputes with jurisdiction in China, and any other Foreign-related litigation and non-litigation legal affairs
  2. The Projects he had ever participated are:
    • Provision of full legal services to the incorporation of a company that’s a subsidiary of Tianjin XX Agricultural Company,China;
    • Provision of compliance audit for equity transaction for Fujian XX Technology Co., Ltd. to be listed on Tianjin Equity Exchange Market, China;
    • Legal reviews and contract risk control for the Halfaya crude oil export pipeline, with a contractual value of approximate 400 million USD, which is a project of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau;
    • legal compliance and contract control for Nassiria oil storage project which valued nearly 700 million US dollars;
    • Participation in setting up subsidiaries of BGP Marine in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.
  3. Lawsuit cases
    Civil and Commercial Cases handled by Jingzhan Wang, a lawyer from Tianjin, China

    Litigation of Construction Disputes:

    • Tianjin Yibang Decoration Engineering VS. Shandong Zhongyuancai Information Consulting, which is adjudicated by Jinan Court of Shandong Province, China, in which lawyer Jingzhan.Wang acted for the plaintiff’s behalf.
    • Meihua Construction Company Tianjin Branch VS. Tianjin Tairong Housing Company, which is heared by the tribunnal of Tianjin Free Trade Zone, China, in which Lawyer Jingzhan.Wang defended for Meihua Construction company

    Litigation regarding contracts of real-estate sales:

    • Mr.Guo vs. Tianjin Xinyi Real-estate Exploration which is trialed at the court of Hebei District of Tianjin,China
    • Mr.Zhangxu versus Tianjin Nord Real Estate, disputing the transfer of house ownership, heard by Hebei Court of laws of Tianjin,China

    Litigation of Unjust Enrichment:
    Mr.Zhang VS. Beijing Xinbaoli Transporation, which is trialed at Tongzhou Court of Beijing,China

    Administrative Disputes, represented by Jingzhan Wang, a lawyer from Tianjin, China:

    Mr.Wu VS. People’s Goverment of Ninghe District of Tianjin, the case is trailed at the Third Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin,China

    Criminal Cases handled by Jingzhan Wang, a lawyer from Tianjin, China:
      • A Sri-Lanka girl was charged of theft, heared by the Court of Heping District of Tianjin, China. In this case,Lawyer.Jingzhan.Wang defended for the suspected, and finally terminated the case before the door to a court
      • A Nigeria man was prosecuted for drug trafficking, which was heard at the Court of Heping District of Tianjin, China. In this case, Lawyer Jingzhan.Wang defended for the suspected drug dealer who’s accused for transporting drugs, and finally helped this defendant get a due punishment appropriate to his sin
      • An American man was prosecuted for drug crime during his stay in China, from 2013 to 2018. Lawyer Wang Jingzhan Was trusted as the defense lawyers, and the case was heared at Xiqing District, Tianjin,China. Originally he was charge for a relatively large amount of drugs dealing and facing a setence of more than threee years, but finally he was sentenced to one year and two months and release one month later after he was delared for that crime.

lawyer of China

Contact number: 13920701735
Address:Style Mansion 205, Huanghe Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China.

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