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案例:文某(VAN)非法捕捞水产品案 【基本案情】 文某(VAN)系“Qng94600TS”“Qng94619TS”两船的所有权人,并担任“Qng94600TS”船船长。2020年7月,文某带领10名外籍船员从境外驾船进入我国海南岛东侧陵水海域并开始由南向北至琼海、文昌近海海域,进行双船底拖网捕捞水产品作业,后被海警局查获。海南省人民检察院第一分院提起公诉和刑事附带环境民事公益诉讼。

Guiding Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on the Issues of Properly Hearing Civil Cases involving the COVID-19 Pandemic in Accordance with the Law (III)

Legal cases relating to China have been significantly affected by the pandemic of Covid-19, China supreme court issued some guiding opinions for trying cases that are affected by the pandemic. Herebelow we’re studying: the Guiding Opinions on the Issues of Properly Hearing Civil Cases involving the COVID-19 Pandemic in Accordance with the Law (III),(No. 20 […]



China Supreme Court’s Opinion on Blockchain Application in Judiciary

Lawyers from Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm share the China Supreme court’s opinion on the blockchain application in judiciary fields.Blockchain technology is developing fast, and is applied in more and more fields. Supreme Court of China want to keep the judicial activies secure and safe by blockchain. Here is the full text of it:

How to find a lawyer right for you in China

Do you need a lawyer to take care of your case in China, or are you looking for a lawyer to eliminate the risks when trading with a Chinese company? then you may need to choose a lawyer to represent you. Here below is some ways to appoint your lawyers:





Advice on control of legal risks for doing business internationally

legal risks precaution for doing business internationally, especially relating to China.

The Latest Changes on Civil Procedure Law of China

the civil procedure law of China has been revised recently. This article is to introduce the change on the latest revison compared to the previous version, in aspects of trial period, panel of judges, procedure for simple cases of small amount, the changes in trial of appellate cases, and etc.

Crime of Contract Fraud under laws of China

Most of the time, it’s a good experience to have a deal with Chinese companies, as China is one of the biggest market in the world and produced goods with high quality and cheaper price.


建设工程施工合同纠纷中,在招标、履约、合同变更、工程价款、质量等方面常常发生争议:合同因违反招投标法而无效时工程结算价款的效力如何认定,工程价款的计价方式,发票的开具,工程质量的确定,工程量的认定等,天津博专律师事务所王景占律师为您分享建设工程类案件诉讼中常见的若干实务问题分析: 【实务问题 1】 问:承发包双方签订的”工程施工合同因违反招标投标法规定而无效,合同履行过程中双方达成的结算工程价款补充协议是否必然无效?

Tips on filing an incorporation in China

Choose a right name the first step to register a company is to choose a name for your company. A name is very important because it identify your company from others. To have an impressive name may be an advantage for you to do business.

To review a contract: mind the contracting party.

In this article, the author particularly remind the bussiness man to bring their attention on the contracting party, including the text as well as the background investigation.

Sales contract, Civil Code of PRC

Sales contract is one of the most important legal documents we use in daily business, and settlement of disputes arising from sales contract is what people frequently look for. Hereblow, I extract the laws of sales contract as written in China Civil Code.: Article 595 A sales contract is a contract under which a seller […]

Rules for the Administration on Employment of Foreigners in China

foreginers coming to China for work need to know the employment rules for foreigners in China.

Tianjin lawyer

Tianjin lawyer or Tianjinese Lawyer is referred to as a licensed lawyer who is registered with the Justice Bureau of Tianjin, China. Tianjin, historically known as Tientsin, is on of the four metroplises ( Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing) directly controlled by the central government of China.


  案例: 被告李某某在2011年注册成立一电子科技公司,之后多次以投资该公司可获得高利息回报为由,向群众宣传并吸收公众存款。以该公司招聘的业务员通过电话、派宣传单等方式召集群众开会,声称因公司拓展需要资金,由群众自愿投资,投资回报率年息18-26%不等,向社会不特定人员进行宣传,以发送礼品、参加联谊会和免费考察旅游为诱饵,以签定借款协议的形式约定投资事项。

Extortion crime and its punishment under China laws

Extortion may constitute a crime, when you face an extortion, go to police to report it or look for a lawyer for advice

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