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Several Jurisdiction Issues of Foreign-related Civil & Commercial cases in China

Recently China Supreme court adjusted the level jurisdiction for foreign-related cases of civil and commercial litigation, by a new guideline to be effective since Jan.1st, 2023. Lawyers Jingzhan.Wang from Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm is explaining the several jurisdiction issues as guided by it as follows

Forum Selection Clause for Agreement relating to China

What’s forum selection clause A forum selection clause for agreement relating to China, is a cause agreed by parties in an agreement to decide the jurisdictional court for disputes arising between parties if the execution of a business contract relating to China.

Court fees for a litigation in Tianjin of China

Court fees for a litigation in Tianjin of China are mainly dependent on the nature of the case and the value of the case.Different cases may be charged differently, let’s take a look at the cases of property. The cases of property here refer to the cases in which the claim is about money or […]

Crimes of Endangering National Security of China

Pelosi, the speaker of US house of representative, visited Taiwan on Aug 2nd, 2022, which provoked Chinese people’s hate. China government declared that it’s a serious harm to the national sovereignty and security.

How to make an international litigation in a law court of China

Making an international litigation means that you’re going to file a litigation against someone that’s abroad or in which the case took place overseas or have any other factors relating to a foreign country.For expats or international busniess, sometimes you may be cheated or have a dispute with the counteryparty.

Lawyer fee in China

Lawyer Fee in China Lawyer fee in China is one of the most concern when we need to retain a lawyer in China, we means the most popular lawyer fees calculated by a law firm or lawyer in China to take a case or other legal service . Lawyer fees also are referred to be […]

Several legal questions over the sales/purchase contract in accordance with laws of China.

Some of the legal questions over the sales/purchase contract, regularly consulted, in accordance with laws of China. Question: is a written contract necessary for concluding a contractual relationship? Answer by Lawyer Jingzhan.Wang: As per China legal practice, a contract may be made by oral or written, however, it’s better for you to make a contract […]


天津海事律师为你分享有关非法捕捞水产品的刑事案例 案例:文某(VAN)非法捕捞水产品案 【基本案情】文某(VAN)系“Qng94600TS”“Qng94619TS”两船的所有权人,并担任“Qng94600TS”船船长。2020年7月,文某带领10名外籍船员从境外驾船进入我国海南岛东侧陵水海域并开始由南向北至琼海、文昌近海海域,进行双船底拖网捕捞水产品作业,后被海警局查获。海南省人民检察院第一分院提起公诉和刑事附带环境民事公益诉讼。

Guiding Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on the Issues of Properly Hearing Civil Cases involving the COVID-19 Pandemic in Accordance with the Law (III)

Legal cases relating to China have been significantly affected by the pandemic of Covid-19, China supreme court issued some guiding opinions for trying cases that are affected by the pandemic. Herebelow we’re studying: the Guiding Opinions on the Issues of Properly Hearing Civil Cases involving the COVID-19 Pandemic in Accordance with the Law (III),(No. 20 […]


天津经济律师与你分享天津经济政策 2022年5月31日,天津市重磅推出《天津市贯彻落实扎实稳住经济的一揽子政策措施实施方案》。方案主要包括全面落实国家财政政策、用足用好货币金融支持、稳投资促消费扩大内需、保障粮食能源安全、稳定畅通产业链供应链、兜牢民生保障底线六个方面、35条政策措施。

China Supreme Court’s Opinion on Blockchain Application in Judiciary

Lawyers from Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm share the China Supreme court’s opinion on the blockchain application in judiciary fields.Blockchain technology is developing fast, and is applied in more and more fields. Supreme Court of China want to keep the judicial activies secure and safe by blockchain. Here is the full text of it:

How to find a lawyer right for you in China

Do you need a lawyer to take care of your case in China, or are you looking for a lawyer to eliminate the risks when trading with a Chinese company? then you may need to choose a lawyer to represent you. Here below is some ways to appoint your lawyers:



The Latest Changes on Civil Procedure Law of China

the civil procedure law of China has been revised recently. This article is to introduce the change on the latest revison compared to the previous version, in aspects of trial period, panel of judges, procedure for simple cases of small amount, the changes in trial of appellate cases, and etc.

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