No requirement of COVID test and quarantine any longer when entry to China

According to the news from China National Health Commission on Dec.26,2022, a great change has been made and covid control has been almost cancelled for international travel.

No requirement of COVID test and quarantine.

As released by China National Heath Commission, covid control was eased to B level, indicating that no longer COVID test and quarantine will be required for entry to China since Jan.8th, 2023.  COVID infection will not be subject to Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of China. Inbound travelers need to make a healthy declaration, instead of applying for healthy code.

Cancel the control measures for international flights

After the covid-19, China has been puting  stringent control on internationl airlines, which would be mostly cancelled, only requiring the wear of mask when in flight.

Faciliting foreigners to come to China

New measures aims to make it easy for foreigners to come to China to do commerical, educational, and family vist and etc. faciliting the relevant visa

Recovering international tour

Resume the entry to China by road and water




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