The crimes of invading computer system

Criminal lawyer is talking about the crime of invasion into computer as per the laws of China.

As per the article 285 of the criminal law of China, Whoever, in violation of State regulations, invades the computer informationsystem in the fields of State affairs, national defence construction or sophisticated science and technology shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention.

crime of invading into computer system
The crime of invasion into computer system

Recently our law firm successfully defend a charge against our client who is involved in invading a computer system of the police bureau. Our client is a manager of a company that provide services to help banks and other financial organization to collect the overdue debt. In order to find more information, he found an application in which some information of citizens could be accessed through invading the police computer system. Without full understanding the legal impact of this act, our client use this application to access some information several times. and Then he was detained for being suspect of the criminal of illegal invasion into state-owned computer system.
As a lawyer, I was entrusted by him to defend for him. The case was to be tried at Xiqing District of Tianjin. After the police stage and prosecution stage, finally we sucessfully defend for him and the prosecution office decided to cancel the case.

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