How to find a lawyer right for you in China

Do you need a lawyer to take care of your case in China, or are you looking for a lawyer to eliminate the risks when trading with a Chinese company? then you may need to choose a lawyer to represent you. Here below is some ways to appoint your lawyers:

look for the best lawyer for you in China

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  1. Refer a lawyer by a friend or relative. People from abroad may have some connections with China, If they don’t know a lawyer in China,  they may ask their friends or relatives in China to help to look for a lawyer. Espeically for those already in China, it’s not hard to let a friend or relative help to refer a lawyer. But sometimes they may can’t find a suitable lawyer for his case.
  2. To get a clue to a lawyer by reading. Some lawyers prefer to write some articles on newspapers, books, or blogs. You may probaly could find his contact way at somewhere nearby his articles.The shortage by this way is that we don’t know the lawyer well and it’ll take times to choose one right for your case.
  3. To ask your country’s officials in the targeted country. some people have some relations to the officials in that country such as embassadors or consulates, the shortage is that, usually, the embassadors or consulates don’t know the lawyers well, they may rely on a list of lawyers provided by the government which usually listed lawyers mostly by the scales of law firms, thus it’s hard to look for the best lawyer for you.
  4.  To search online, some people may search by google, bing, baidu and etc. search engines to look for a lawyers. The shortage is that there is too much advertisement or commercial publication, it’s not easy for you to identify the right one for you.
What other options do you ususally use to look for a lawyer in China? leave a comment, and discuss about it.

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