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Tianjin lawyer

Tianjin lawyer or Tianjinese Lawyer is referred to as a licensed lawyer who is registered with the Justice Bureau of Tianjin, China.

Tianjin, historically known as Tientsin, is on of the four metroplises ( Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing) directly controlled by the central government of China. It has about fifteen millions of people, up to 2021. The urban area of Tianjin is divided into six districts that are Nankai District, Heping District, Hedong District, Hexi District, Hongqiao District, Hebei District. A majority of Tianjin law firms/offices are located at Heping District, Nankai District and Hexi District. The suburban areas of Tianjin usually are usually referred to Binhai New District, Beichen District, Xiqing District, Dongli District, Jinnan District, where there are comparatively less lawyers and law firms. There are a few of lawyers or offices scattered at the remote districts such as Jizhou, Jinghai, Dagang and Ninghe.

Tianjin’s economic is fast developing and quantity of Tianjin Lawyers is increasing, but still not enough, considering its scale.


Tianjin Lawyer

Lawyer registered with Tianjin Justice Bureau has been handling cases in amost all respects of laws, including but not limited to: Legal advice, representation in lawsuit case, either civil or commercial, criminal defense, administrative litigation, retained legal counsel for incoporations, due diligence, foreign-related legal affairs, and more.

When you encounter any of the following matters, don’t hesitate to find a Lawyer based on Tianjin, China
Contract Disputes
Martime Litigation
Construction project legal dispute
corporate litigation>
international trade dispute
employment dispute in Tianjin, China
debtors and creditors dispute
corporate acquisition and merger
criminal defense by a lawyer in Tianjin, China
fraud and scam
personal injury litigation in Tianjin, China
import and export dispute
divorce and family heritage in Tianjin, China
workers compensation
proprety right and real estate dispute
disagreemet between carrier and consignor
corruption and illegal possession
other issues of legal dispute and corporate compliance in China

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