Claim back the money frauded by a Tianjin based company – Bulletin

Lawyer of Tianjin is handling a collective case regading the refund of victim’s money by Nankai Disctrict Court of Tianjin, China. Some of the victims can not be reached. So infomraiton is shared:

To who it may concern:

A law court in Tianjin of China is announcing that it’s time for some of the victims in a scam case to claim for their compensation immediately.

I am a lawyer based on Tianjin, China. I participated the criminal proceedings against the owner of a company called “Tianjin Yicai International Trading Company” as the attorney of one victim. Here below is a brief introduction about the case.
Some companies abroad had ever been frauded when they are making deals with Tianjin Yicai International Trading company around 2017, then some of companies/individuals reported to the police here in Tianjin,China. Consequently, a criminal investigation against this accused company started, and when finished, the case was brought to the Law-Court of Nankai District of Tianjin. I parcipated all the legal proceeding from filing to enforcement. In this case, I represented Alhamd Traders from Pakistan and Terry from Australia, Finally they are awarded the fund they lost. Meanwhile, a lot of other victims also was awarded, but some of them don’t know it or can’t go to court to claim it partly because they’re abroad and with epandemic, it’s not easy for them to come to China.
As as the victims that hasn’t claim their compensation, you’re reminded that:
Your case against Tianjin Yicai International Trading company’s controller-in-fact was filed in 2017 in Tianjin, China,and then went through court-hearing.
The law court, having jurisdiction over the case, made a judgement in favor of victims in 2019.Now the case goes into the phase of enforcing judgement. But some of the victims failed to keep in contact.
In order to have all the victims able to participate the proceedings and recover what’s due to them, trusted by the judge, I remind the following companies or individuls to contact me as soon as possible.Among them are:
Hexgon from India ;
Gulf Organization from Qatar;
Eco Chemical from Panama;
Worldpacking from Korea;
Scanplast from Ukraine
Any questiones about the case, don’t hesitate to contact me at:+86 13920701735.
According to the laws of China, you need to prepare:
1. Representation Agreement.
2 Power of Attorney (notarized and then authorized by China Embassy in Panama)
3. copy of company license
4. certificate of legal representative, which will be used to prove who is the company’s legal representative and his position.
5 legal representative’s ID or passport
In Spanish:
Su compania necesita preparar todo esto:
1. Acuerdo de representación.
2. Poder legal (notariado y luego autorizado por la Embajada de China en Panamá)
3. copia de la licencia de la empresa
4. certificado de representante legal
5. DNI o pasaporte del representante legal
In Chinese:

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