Criminal Defense for Foreigners by Lawyers from Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm, resulting a non-prosectuion decision


Criminal Defense for Foreigners by Bozhuan Lawyers, getting a non-prosectuion decision



Recently, the case in which two foreign students from Sri-Lanka is suspected of theft and whereof Bozhuan Lawyers Mr.Wang Jingzhan and Ms.Song Lihua is entrusted as defense attorneys, comes to end of prosecution stage.The procuratorate of Tianjin Heping District made a non-prosecution decision.


The two suspects XXX and XXX ( hidden for privacy)comes from Sri-Lanka, an island country lying in the Indian Ocean, seeking for their study in a well-known medical university of Tianjin, China, was imposed on criminal detention by public security bureau of Heping according to the law.


After the happening of the case, the suspect’s Next of Kin is torn with anxiety, where one girl’s mother and brother particularly traveled to Tianjin, China, from Sri-Lanka. They came to the lawyers,Mr.Wang Jingzhan and Ms.Song Lihua, due to the lawyers’ good reputation. The two lawyers entrusted by them, visited the jail and meet the suspected girls in the first time. Then they started their defense for the girls, and with some efforts, the girls was released on bail.


The cients getting bailed, our firm’s lawyers make a plan to try to get a non-prosecution decision. The suspects, being foreign students of a famous university in Tianjin, with good family background and excellent study, had been expected a bright future. If criminal record is put on them because of this case, it would not only affect their further study, but also the rest of their life. The lawyers made a comprehensive analysis on the basis of the testimonies, price authentication, suspects’ confession, voluntary surrender and etc. and gave a non-prosecution suggestion to the prosecutor. Furthermore, the lawyers assisted the girls to communicate with the university. In the end, Procuratorate of Heping District made a non-prosecution decision after the prosecuting Committee’s discussion.


In addition, it’s said that similar cases happen now and then, there are many cases involved foreigners, but almost all of them are moved to the court to make sentences. The non-prosecution decision of this case fully shows that the purpose of criminal is not only to impose criminal punishment, but also to put a more emphasis on education and prevention.





Highlights on this case:

  1. Successfully apply for bail after the suspect entrusted the defense attorney.
  2. There is a non-prosecution decision in the end of the case.
  3. Lawyers’ service is appraised by the Embassy in China.
  4. Fluent communication with the suspects, their families and the ambassador in English.

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